Who Is SugarBear?

SugarBear? Who is she and why does she call herself that?

• Real name: Olivia.

• 33 year-old “cube dweller” wife/mom, who has a raging 1950’s housewife with a frilly apron, and perfectly coiffed hair-do trapped in her.

• Midnight baker.

• Loves photography.  Seriously loves, loves photography.

• I love to create anything:  bread, cookies, jewelry, photographs, curtains, furniture, clothing, art, everything!

• Dreams daily…for extended periods of time…while are her day job…about vacations in far away places with nothing but a packpack and my camera, pain au chocolat, sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes, textiles and a kitchen full of vintage Pyrex and kitchen gadgets along with a new Nikon and a few more lenses.

• About blows a head gasket (in a good way) when I find vintage Pyrex or any other culinary treasure at various 2nd hand stores. Seriously; I’ve been known to scream “Yessss!”, “Score!” and throw out lots of fist pumps. In addition, if I spot something really rad, I nearly break into a stampede (mind you, I’m the only one is this stampede), snatch it up, and look around like, “Yeah, take that. I got here first.” Except, I’m usually playing this game by myself…adrenaline pumping and all. Lame I know. But, I just can’t help it? Who gets rid of Le Creuset at a Goodwill? A dumbass. Who finds it? ME!!!

• My first memory in the kitchen: standing on a stool with my very own apron and rolling pin making homemade tortillas with my grandmother. Second memory in the kitchen: making “Crunchy Pies” with my mom. She would give me the left-over crust from a pie she was making and I would roll it out and put butter, cinnamon & sugar on it and bake it. It was my very own pie. Thinking about now, brings a lump to my throat.

• To relax, I bake, blog surf, and doodle.

• Loves the quiet time in the kitchen after the kids are asleep. I love how baking melts my heart and sets my soul at ease.

Oh yeah. SugarBear is just a pet name my hubby gave me and it’s stuck. I was never one to indulge in pet names. This is coming from a girl who doesn’t want flowers or jewelry…ever, and would rather not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But one day my honey just called me SugarBear and I loved it.