Adding To The List Of Reasons

Why I *L*O*V*E Greg so much! He cleans up puke. Yep, without wincing, without complaining, without grossing out. He is the best Daddy ever. Penelope suffers from "asthma-like" symptoms, and has since birth. Winter is usually the worst time for her and when the weather abruptly changes like it often does in Phoenix coupled with increased pollution, she gets pretty bad. Even with daily breathing treatments, it doesn't always help and we end up battling nights like tonight. Literally since we got home from work, Penelope has done nothing but cough. It breaks my heart, because there is nothing we can really do except give her treatments, make sure she doesn't eat anything that causes too much phelgm, and make her not jump around.

I knew it was going to be a bad night...just call it mother's intuition.

Usually after her nightly bath and story, she's gives hugs and kisses and is ready to conk out. Not tonight. Tossing and turning and coughing and moaning. Then she cries out and says she has to go to the bathroom. But she's crying...the scared crying and I just know she is about to throw up. Which is normal because she has coughed herself into throwing up many times before. It's quite typical with asthma sufferers. And then all the sudden she gets sick and misses the toilet and it's everywhere. Normally, this doesn't bother me. I never, ever, thought in a million years I would be able to clean up puke. But my mom promised me during one of my pre-motherhood panic attacks that I would be a just fine...I'd be a good mom and clean up my kid's puke. She said, "It's just different when it's your own kids...they need you and only you. It won't even bother you." For the last 3.5 years she has been right. I've been puked on numerous times and don't even flinch. NOT TONIGHT! UGH! I suck as a mom! I am nearly vomiting right behind Penelope as she is looking to me for comfort and solace. I'm gagging uncontrollably...to the point of me starting to sweat and my mouth starts to water, and panic fills me because this bathroom is obviously being occupied, and I can't make it to the other. So, I scream for Greg, and he knows just why I can't help out tonight. With this pregnancy, can't smell things that gag me without throwing up or nearly throwing up. So, he comes in saves the night and is Penelope's hero. Cleans up the mess, gives her a bath and gets me to calm down all while keeping his cool and not even flinching about the gross nature of it all. He is also my hero.

So I may not get any nominations for Mother Of The Year tonight, but at least I was able to get a repreive from puke duty!

Thanks Greggy! Love you :)

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Samara Link said...

That's sad about Penelope. (By the way, great name!) It's got to be really hard to see her feeling so badly. I guess the silver living there is to see your husband being such a good daddy! That's nice. :)