You Know You Wanna Know

Little factoids that make me...me!

  • I *HATE* mashed potatoes. I know, so un-American, huh.
  • I also loathe peas.
  • I love Christmas. I love to decorate my house with all things Christmas.
  • I *LOVE* the beach.
  • San Diego is my dream city to live in.
  • I have a quick temper. Really trying to work on that.
  • Girls that are super into sports, irritate me. I don't know why.
  • So do women sports commentators.
  • I think Matt Damon is so hot...but only when he's Jason Bourne.
  • Love Diet Coke.
  • Love Mexican food.
  • Love to bake.
  • Miss the Pacific Northwest.
  • Love 80's music.
  • Love photography.
  • Love Harry Potter & Pirates.
  • Hate doing laundry, but don't mind doing dishes.
  • Like to mow the lawn.
  • I'm a Nikon girl.
  • I love being a mom.

That's all for now!

1 comment:

Samara Link said...

Hi, Olivia! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog last week and for your nice comments. It's always fun to see a new face on there. :)

This is a cute post idea. I just may borrow it, if that's okay.

I thought your comment about girls who are super into sports irritating you was kinda funny.
Actually, really funny. I'm with you on that. And I don't know why!? One of my very best friends is, and I've learned to love it about her, but in general... I could do without it!