Are You Done Yet?

I just had the insane pleasure to experience what I affectionately call the "Neverending Poo". Baby G sure knows how to lay it down for Mama.

Sometimes I feel like I'm an "experienced" Mama...since this is my second child and all. And then I have nights like last night, and diaper changes like the one I just had and my reality is put into check and I realize I'm really not the one in control...the babe is.

I was holding Baby G when he started laying down the deuce and I thought that I had given him ample time to finish considering he was passed out a.s.l.e.e.p. on my chest.

Yeah, not so much.

So 3 diapers later, he is fast asleep.

Yes, every time I got him cleaned up and was ready to secure a new clean diaper he would keep pooing. And then, he proceeded to pee all over me and the wall.

Yep, Rookie Mama today...forgot to cover up that part.

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