Boxer For Sale

I swear.

If I didn't love this face so much...

And, if this face wouldn't be so lost without him...

I would have put a "Needs A Good Home" sign around Otis' neck and sent him on his merry way.

Why you ask?
Lets see. I had just finished my morning blog reading and was heading out to the kitchen to pick up some stuff when I spotted it.
Is that mud? Right there...and there...and over there...and there...and some more there? Surely it can't be shit. I mean I just picked it up, there might be 5 freshies in their big vast backyard. Surely Otis could not have found one of those piles and dragged it in. It has to be mud.
Good God, please be mud.
Nope not mud. Yep, it was shit. In about 5 different spots. I'm just glad I have tile. So after banishing both mutts outside while I bleached the hell out of the entire floor and then some...I'm still not ready to let them back in for fear of what other surprises they might bring me.
I need a drink.

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