Getting Back...

In the last month or so, I've kinda quit blogging.  Not because I don't love doing it, but because it seems trivial to me...like I'm being selfish.  My topics seem so dumb because my mind is constantly consumed with my dear friend Maya and that fact that her 4 year-old son was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer

I feel guilty rambling on about my newest recipe or that fact that I am an official GLEEK! and my full fledged obsession with Sue Sylvester.  But I've been thinking about it, and Maya used to enjoy reading my blogs, and even though her "normal" no longer exists, it's okay that mine does.  But this situation has changed my life.  For a long time I've wanted to pour my heart and soul into a charity that meant something to me.  Now I can and I know my time and efforts will make a difference.  I've signed up to do the Relay for Life event on October 2-3rd, and my team is currently in 1st place! Yes!  And, I've been asked to speak about Ronan's story for the "Survivor Segment" of the relay.  I have to tell you...I am petrified of public speaking, but what an honor, huh?  An opportunity to spread the word about Ronan is an opportunity I don't want to miss.  I'll probably be a blubbering fool, but as my husband told me, "No guts.  No glory."  My soul purpose is get as many people praying and sending good vibes to Ronan as possible.  I'm also a part of The Ronan Thompson Foundation that Maya and her husband set up.  All proceeds for the time being will benefit them for their medical expenses and neuroblastoma research.  They have huge plans for this foundation to help fund research and help other families out that are going through the same thing as they are now.  I am so excited that I will be a part of this.  It is truly an honor.  To follow their story, please visit Rockstar Ronan.

In other news...

Penelope has been in kindergarten for a little over a month now and she amazes me.  She's already reading 3-4 word sentences, she's growing up so fast, and she's fiercely independent which makes so happy, yet scares the hell out of me all at the same time.  Time goes by so fast...trying to soak up all those little moments while I can.

My little Junior Mint (my nickname for Gregory since he is a Junior) is getting totally big too.  Just found out today that he has an epigastric hernia that will require surgery.  It's minor and I'm thankful, but I've been sweating bullets for a few weeks now from first seeing his pediatrician, to the radiologist to finally the pediatric surgeon.  The pediatrician couldn't feel or see anything, the ultrasound technologist made me feel crazy because she couldn't feel or see anything and the ultrasound came back negative, but the surgeon immediately felt what I had seen and confirmed that something wasn't right.  Mother's intuition is never wrong.  So, we have outpatient surgery scheduled in October. 

So, as always, thank you for stopping by.  Try not to take people for granted...be thankful for your health...give those little ones an extra hug and kiss, and allow peace to fill your heart.



Samara Link said...

Interesting insights, Olivia. It's so sad what your friend and her family is dealing with, but it's awesome that you've found a way to get involved and help them. I can't imagine what that means to them. You'll do great with your speech!!

That's too bad about your little Junior Mint. It's routine, but it's still gotta be hard to see your little one have to go through any surgery. My friend Jen went through that with her son, Jack, a few years ago, too. It was emotional for her. Here's a post about their surgery day in case you want to see what it might be like: http://jenniferannetruman.blogspot.com/2007/12/jacks-surgery.html

Jennifer said...

You have such a big heart filled with so much compassion & love! You're such a great friend, & wonderful momma. Love you!