So, I've been desperately trying to give up Diet Coke.  I've been drinking it for years.  As I type this, my mouth is watering.  But, I know how bad it really it is for you, so I'm trying to give it up.  I feel like if I swear to never drink it again, I'm just setting myself up for failure.  So, let's just say, I'm working in other options, in hopes that the luster of the Diet Coke can fades quickly.

First of all, I hate plain water.  I mean if it's hot and I'm doing some sort of physical activity...or, more realistically, I've eaten bacon in the last few hours, then I dig some water.  Other than that...gag.  I just can't force myself to drink it.

That is until Spa Water. 


I've been to two spas in my life and at both, they served this yummy water.  I can drink like a gallon in one sitting with some cucumbers and lemon floating in there.  Give it a try!

So, I ain't gonna lie.  I still need...want...need caffiene.  And, I do love coffee, but it does not love me.  No matter how I take it, I always end up with heartburn and the burps.  Gross.  With that, I've decided to exlusively drink tea for my caffiene addiction.  It has enough so I don't get a headache, but not as much as Diet Coke or coffee.  Win win.  I've been reading Aura Joon's blog for quite some time and she drinks tea all day long.  I've been reading about the health benefits of drinking tea, and I definitely think it's better than me drinking Diet Coke all day long.  I found the loose leaf pure Indian tea that Aura drinks at a local Middle Eastern market called Haji Baba in Tempe.  The tea is so good!  Now, it tastes just like tea, but the only word that comes to my mind is fresh.  It just tastes fresher.  I usually drink it without any sweetner, but if I feel like a little sweetness, I'll add agave nectar or pure honey.  Simple goodness!

Don't you just love my new tea cup?  I love the little lid that goes on top while the loose leaf tea steeps in the little ceramic basket inside the cup!  So freaking cute!!

Oh, at Haji Baba there was a simple sign above the order counter that read:



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