My Sweet Girl

Check out that outfit.
That's all my baby girl.
I won't lie, for a split second I cringed.
But then she said, "Mama, don't I look cute?"
One look in those beautiful brown eyes, and I gushed with love.
There is no purple in her dress. 
She doesn't care. 
She likes the way the purple looks with her pink and yellow.
Those boots...she just loves them. 
She doesn't care that they don't really match. 
She likes the way they look with her dress.
The pink leggings underneath. 
Love it.
Her hair...she did it herself.
She is 5.5. 
Growing so quickly. 
Although it's hard for me to let go...to not pick out matchy-match outfits, to not make sure every hair is in place for her...I know it's important for her to march to the beat of her own drum. 
 She gains confindence. 
She gains independence. 
It's bittersweet, but I wouldn't trade this for the world. 
I love that she doesn't want to follow the crowd...
I hope it stays like this always.
I've said it before...she lights every dark corner of my heart.
Love my baby girl.



MelissaP said...

love it :) you've got a creative girl on your hands! Baby girls are supposed to dress like that and in fact I feel sad for girls her age that wear anything beige or black.... thats for corporate america, not adorable little girls. give her a big hug :)

Heather Lee said...

Hi Olivia! So I found your blog through Greg's blog and spent hours, yes, hours on here last night reading all your posts :)I kept laughing randomly and Sam kept asking me what was so funny... You are a great writer and I will be a dedicated follower from now on!

Heather Openshaw

Samara Link said...

LOVE it.