Could Get Used To This...

At home with a sick baby and one big sister who wanted to tag along and stay home as well.  She's his little nurse maid...taking his temp (w/a digital thermometer), checking on him all the time, getting him water, and helping him off the bed to go potty. 

Here they are all snug on our bed.  Wasn't your parents bed the safest most comfortable place to be when you're sick as a wee one?  Greg and I both remember that cozy feeling when we were little and sick and our moms would let us lay in their bed.  Ahh..heaven.
::bad cell phone picture::

They have every pillow, blanket and stuffed animal in the entire house on my bed.  Since last Thursday, Greg has been banished to Penelope's bed, while the sick-o's stay with me.  It's just easier that way for midnight water requests, lots of bathrooms trips for a potty-trained toddler who has to make the grandest spectacle of every little sprout he can muster because, "Mama!  I go potty!!" has to be announced at all times regardless of hour or how sick you are, lots of "Mama, I throw up!!", which will wake any sleeping mother out of the deepest sleep and have her snap to attention as if she were back in boot camp, only to be met with a few spits in the toilet which resemble nothing of vomit, and lots of temperature checking, and medicine giving.  My little Junior Mint has been quite sick, and this virus has given us a run for our money. 

Greg took Friday off to take care of the kids and I thought for sure we'd be on the mend by today.  Quite the contrary, last night was one of the worst nights yet for Junior Mint, and I called in today and took the rug rat back to the doctor.  This time, his strep test still showed negative, same as Saturday's visit to Urgent Care, but he now has an upper respiratory infection.  Awesome.  So, we are on a powerful does of antibiotics.  I just hope they make my little man feel better.

Even though Junior Mint is not feeling well, I am still preparing a nice meal, one of which would normally grace the weekend table.  I'm baking muffins, AND, prepare yourselves, doing laundry.  Best yet, I'm loving every single second of it.  I love the idea of making a home and in all honesty I wish I didn't have to work.  My working isn't necessarily a "have to", more of a "choose to".  We could make it without my salary, but the questions is, do we want to?  Maybe someday, but right the now the benefit (savings, fun money, retirement) of me working still outweighs me not working.  But, you better believe, I am super jealous of all the mamas and wifeys that get to stay at home and work from there. 

I would totally rock the June Cleaver role...I might even serve dinner in a dress with pearls on. 

Happy Monday!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Susan M. said...

Mama Bear,

I am right there with you! I have been baking and cooking and just hanging with the kiddos and I keep thinking, what can I do at home to make the money I make now? So far, I haven't come up with anything!

And I wore a dress! LOL.. I'm not much on the dressing up, especially after wearing a uniform all week, but every now and then, I pull one out!

Hope Jr Mint feels better and your beautiful baby girl doesn't get sick!

Hugs to you all!