Keep On Movin' On...

It’s hard to write this blog sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like I put too much of myself out here, I cuss a lot, and sometimes my subject matter is really
sad.  And even though these things are happening in real life, and this is my life, I feel the really absurd need to be profound on this blog. My life is not profound.

I feel like if I were to talk about Ronan one day and then the cookies I baked the next, that my focus may seem all over the place and insincere.  I’ve also re-read some posts that I have written and I feel like this blog is my
security blanket, in the fact, that I am always saying what I’m gonna do—at a later date.  I always feel like I can’t commit and this blog is just a way for me to drone on about the things that I only WISH I could do in my real life.   Some might think, well… just change your focus and keep going on under SugarBear Diaries, but much like the vibrancy you feel when you cut of your hair, I need a rebirth.  I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  This will be the last post of Sugar Bear Diaries.

Don’t fret (mom), I am starting a new blog.  OhSugarBear.

I want my life to be accomplished big and small…not just a daydream or a wish.  I also have some things on the horizon that I feel warrant a less personal approach to social media.  I don’t mind sharing some details, but others need to be reserved for my close personal friends and family.  I want my blog to be a source of inspiration for others, and I want the attitude of my blog to be jovial.  I don’t want people to come to my blog and feel the like they’ve just happened upon “Debbie Downer’s” page.  Do I want my life to appear perfect on the blog?  No, because it surely IS NOT, but I don’t want to be a completely open book either.  It just isn’t working for me anymore.

As I approach 35, I want my online space to reflect things that are positive and fun and inspiring.  I have a penchant to get sucked into the “Why me?”, “I wish”, “Maybe one day” crap, and that does not need to be
portrayed on my blog.  It just doesn’t.  I want to be excited to write my blog, because it does bring me joy, but for some reason I thought if I shared anything less than everything on SugarBear Diaries I was not being
authentic.  I’ve realized there are no rules to blogging, but I do not want my blog to be a diary where I share everything.  It feels too open, too raw, too intimate.  Kinda like when you meet someone for the first time and
you know their whole life story:  good, bad and indecent in one conversation.  No thanks.

I hope if I have readers left you will join me at my new spot: OhSugarBear .

Happy New Year!

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