Whenever You Set Out To Do Something, Something Else Must Be Done First.

Been away for awhile. Just finished moving into a new home, and I'm tired of packing, unpacking, coordinating schedules with the cable guy, the power guy, the plumber, etc. Moving sucks. But it promises new beginnings, so I guess it's worth it. The silver lining.

On to more exciting news, I'm a new Auntie. My brother and his wife just welcomed their twin baby girls into the world yesterday. They were full term, and plump little jolly girls. So adorable and precious. I'm bad and don't have pictures yet, but will soon.

I had my doctor appointment today and the doc started talking about picking a date for my c-section and the fact that we needed to get it scheduled soon. That started my panicking because I realized I'll be welcoming my second child into the world in 2.5 months...sounds kinda far away, but I know it will go by fast. This pregnancy has gone by pretty fast, but to think of all I need to do between now and January, I get a little panicky. In a good way...really excited to have a new baby in the house. It's hard to imagine I had Penelope 3.5 years ago. Time really goes by so fast. Penelope is super excited to be a big sissy, and can't wait to see how she reacts. She is such a loving little girl that I can only imagine she will be the best big sister.

Well, I'm out of chitter chatter and ready for bed.

Peace out.

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