Installation: The Office

My office. The bane of my existence. Enjoy.

The dreaded walk to my little slice of heaven.
My cluttered desk. Cluttered desks don't mean anything except total unmotivation.
Training manuals. AKA Waste of Paper.
Looks important. But it's not.
My view from above.
Work humor.
The Countdown: Officially Begins
These bright files are my only escape from corporate carpet tiles and muted mauves.
Seriously...Where's the cheese?
30 minutes to go...


Lis said...

Im terrified of file folders... still! and its been like 3 years now! I love this post! hilarious!

Samara Link said...

Ha! This is funny. And kind of sad at the same time. :) Hey, at least you have a job, and you can laugh at the parts you don't love about it. So, what biz are you in?