Well Hello There!

So, I’m changin’ things up a bit on this ye’ole blog and it’s going to be my dumping ground for anything that goes on in my life. I may start a more professional blog for my photography, when the time is right. But for now, this little space will be online portal to document my little life with my little family, and any other little tidbit that finds its way in! A bit of background for you. I’m happily married, with two wonderful children and two precious boxer dogs. I’m a corporate working mother (blech) and finally decided to listen to my heart. Oh, I’m still working, but hopefully someday I won’t have to, but in the meantime I’m going to let the inner artist/crafter/thrifter in me finally take over.

For years, I was all about moving up the corporate ladder. I had seen my parents struggle and I was just not gonna have that. As I moved up the ladder, I started to loathe my 9-5 life. I hated going to work, but me not working wasn’t and hasn’t been an option…yet. A girl has to have hope J But somewhere after the baby boy was born (Jan 2009), and me returning from maternity leave, I had a massive epiphany. I had to create. I had to. It was no longer an option, but a complete necessity. I realized that it fed my soul, and if I truly wanted to be happy, I had to be creative. Now, I’m no Picasso, Tara Whitney of Elsie Flannigan, BUT I aspire to be and the only truth I know is that when I’m creating or being artsy-fartsy in any way (photography, computer arts, embroidery, sewing, drawing, doodling, whatever) I feel content. And to me that is everything. I know I’ll never make millions and I’ll probably always have to work, but at least I’m doing something on the side that brings me joy. Isn’t that what life is really all about? I can’t thank my husband enough who is always supportive of my many scatter-brained ideas and for constantly encouraging me. Thank you to my mom, who always let me play with scrap material, taught me the basics of sewing, always let me have art supplies even when we were struggling ( Go Big Chief tablets & crayons!), let me lollygag in the office supply aisle of any store, and always helps me see things more clearly when I’m crafting away. And most of all God. When I was lost, I sought him out and prayed, more like begged for guidance. He answered. And my head hasn’t stopped filling with creative ideas. I can’t explain it, but when I’m crafting or creating anything, I get so calm yet so excited at the same time. I get butterflies when a new idea pops into my head, and I’ve filled notebooks with sketches, ideas and doodles for RetroSugar (my Etsy shop where I’m selling vintage treasures and eventually some of my handmade stuff). I’ve ventured down many artistic and crafty paths always trying to find a “niche”…only recently did I accept that some artists have multiple mediums…I’m done boxing myself in.

The RetroSugar Concept
So, I've always LOVED thrifting. I love finding those treasures that someone else has just discarded as clutter. I love the thrill of finding that AWESOME trinket. It's so exciting...finding that vintage Pyrex dish in perfect condition. That spectacular vintage sheet...Hello! Why would they get rid of this? Don't they know what they could make with this?!?Alas, I don't always have the room to house my treasures, therefore RetroSugar was born. I can still hunt until my heart is content and then pass them off to a good home!

So, please check back often for new updates and visit my store on Etsy!


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Samara Link said...

It's the Holy Grail what you're talking about, Olivia. And you're not just yearning for it, dreaming about it on weekends. You're making it happen. That's awesome. Building, creating, making, and managing a life you feel inspired by and proud of, even if you still have to do some of the mundane life kind of stuff along the way. I am so inspired by this post! Good for you. Your Etsy site is darling. Good luck to you!!