Weekend Rewind

  • Friday night was my hubby’s “Boy’s Night Out”. He came home wasted. I laughed my ass off because he used to be able to drink anyone under the table and still be coherent, not anymore. Guess turning 35 can do that to a person. Saturday morning, um I mean early afternoon was not pretty. 

  • Saturday night I had a “Girl’s Night In” with some old friends from high school. It’s funny how small the world is…one lives here and one was in on business. Loved catching up with them. Hadn’t really hung out with them in 12+ years, but they still felt super familiar and not like 12+ years had passed. It’s amazing how going through something formative, like the junior high & high school years, makes you feel at home with certain people.

  • I really think having these nights without your spouse is the key to a blissful marriage. I couldn’t imagine being in a jealousy-filled relationship. My husband and I both encourage the other to go out and have fun without the other one tagging along.

  • Fat Boy was having massive teething issues and nothing worked. Not teething tablets, not Oragel, not Tylenol. Poor thing. I can’t wait for this phase to pass. It’s hard being up all night with a baby you can’t soothe and a conference call at 8 a.m. you can’t miss.

  • Penelope had a major ‘tude all weekend. She’s too smart for her own good. That and she hears Greg and I joking around with each other, and I think she thinks it’s okay to talk to us like that. She still has a hard time grasping that she is NOT the boss.

  • Wanted to punch a parent in Penelope’s violin class. 45 year-olds having kids irritate me. They should’ve just continued to yuppie it up and leave procreation off their to-do list. Their new-age antics, incessant reasoning, 100 count time-outs, and the please-be-my-friend parenting approach disgust me. (No hate mail here. I know not all parents this age that have young children act this way. However, the 8 parents that are in the violin class are all over 40 with children in the 4-6 year range, and they all act this way. Gag me.)

  • Officially welcomed Spring into our house with two batches of homemade salsa. Yum!

  • Played outside with the kids: rode bikes, rode on our skateboards, chased the baby, tried to keep rocks out his mouth…I see many childhood ER visits with this kid. Ugh!

  • Weekend was nice and looking forward to another one already! 

  • Hope yours was swell too!

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Samara Link said...

That sounds like a perfectly good weekend to me! Much agreed about it being good to have time on your own within a couple. And salsa! That sounds wonderful. Another thing I've "been meaning" to do again. Isn't this weather amazing?!