Trying To Find My Nut...

You know it is time to find a new job when you get excited to see the office squirrel on his daily lunch break and you compare yourself to him.

I wish I could just lazily eat in the nice afternoon sun.

I wonder how his fur gets so shiny and soft looking. My hair looks like a Brillo pad. Or worse yet a Jonas Brother*.

I wonder if I ate nothing but grass if my hair would look like that.

He’s kinda fat. We have something in common.

I wonder if he has family in that cement planter he runs into.

I hope they never catch him in the metal bait boxes they have everywhere.

Ugh. Then I’m snapped back to reality when someone asks me what I’m doing.

Back to the grind.

*Why my hair looks like a Jonas Brother.

Saturday morning conversation with Penelope:

She’s staring at me and my bed head and she’s trying not to laugh. Then she asks in a shy but comical voice…

“Mama? You wanna know what your hair looks like?”

“What baby?”

“A Jonas Brother!!!!” She manages to squeak that out in between bouts of hysterical laughter.

My mouth drops open and my eyes pop and I start laughing.

“Yeah, Mama! You look like the curly-headed-Jonas Brother!!!!”



Samara Link said...

Okay ... that wins for the funniest thing I've read on a blog today ... and yesterday ...

Miss M! said...

AW! I'm sorry - I know I shouldn't, but that made me laugh!