Give A Day Get A Day

I'm sure you've all heard about the promotion Disney is doing with HandsOn Network, where if you "give a day" of community service, you "get a day" at one of their theme parks, or can donate your ticket to charity.

If you haven't, go here and you can follow the instructions.  You actually have to register with Disney first and get the confirmation email from them before you sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

It's a pretty cool thing, but I have to admit.  I was skeptical that it would actually work.

But, I registered, participated in the event I wanted, and received my vouchers for 2 free adult tickets with 6 days.  Amazing.

I did the Treasure Boxes For Teachers opportunity and basically what you do, is fill a plastic shoe box (found mine at Big Lots for $2 each) or you can use a regular shoe box if you have one, and fill it with supplies that a teacher would use in the classroom. 

I made two boxes because I wanted two tickets.  You are allowed to register up to 8 people in your household to participate as long as they are 6 years and older.

I spent $26 on the two boxes and put the following in each:  pack of pencils, pack of pends, paperclips, glue sticks, 2 bottle of glue, 2 boxes of crayons, 2 packs of room decorations, paperclips, highlighters, markers.  And some other stuff I can't remember. I actually went to The Dollar Tree and got all my supplies. 

Then you're supposed to put a Thank You card in the box and wrap it like a gift, and drop it off at a warehouse that they designate (all this will be provided to you in your emails from Disney/HandsOn).  They make you sign in with your name and email address you used to register and then they tell you that you will get your email vouchers in 14 days.  This is the part where I was like, "yeah right...there goes $28...oh well, at least I donated to a charity."  Well that was last Saturday, and on Tuesday of this week, Disney emailed me with my vouchers.  I can use the vouchers anytime up until 12/15/10.  Since 1-Day park tickets cost $72 a piece for adults, that would've cost me $144.  Subtract out my cost of $28 and I saved $116 on these tickets and I contributed to a charity and supported our local teachers.  Not sure it gets much better than that.  I couldn't get a ticket for Penelope because she's not 6, but could you imagine the savings for family if all their members were over 6?  Not to mention, the opportunity to teach your children about community service and charitable contributions. 

I know that Disney has a limited number of tickets they are giving out.  I've heard it's a million to go along with their campaign, "A Year of Million Dreams" or whatever, but you might want to jump on this chance before they are all gone.  There are several different opportunities to get involved in besides the Treasure Boxes.

As for us, we'll be using our tickets for Penelope's birthday this summer.  She wants to go to Legoland and the beach, and now we're adding Disneyland to the agenda.  Since she'll be starting school this year (OMG?!?  Was I not just pregnant with her?) we wanted to go have some major fun, since we can't just take off any old time we want to anymore. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little tidbit of info!

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