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Well the Relay For Life event ended this morning and I'm pretty sure I'm a different person for it.  In more ways than I expected. 

My team members were amazing, and I am so thankful they were on the field with me:

Rockstar Ronan Headquarters

Greg - my husband.  He really is my rock.  He knows when to step up and be vocal and when to remain my silent, but ever present support that I continually look for when I'm happy, nervous or scared.  He kept the kids, especially the baby occupied while I set up and prepared for my speech.  Even when the baby puked and my first instinct was to grab the baby and get him cleaned up, his response was, "Stop.  You need to be here all night, and you can't be smelling like puke.  Let me get him cleaned up."  He is such and awesome husband and father. 

Penelope - my little helper.  She wasn't fully aware exactly what she was doing there other than we were helping Ronan and to play to with Ashley of course!  I also wanted her to see me give my speech and to help her understand that even when you're nervous, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Rachel & Chris - my parents.  They have been consumed with Maya and The Thompson family since Ronan's diagnosis.  They provided all the food and drinks for our team and my mom was our campsite "Mom" as we walked the track keeping the babies and our campsite safe.  I know my giving spirit comes directly from them. 

Jennifer & Ashley- long lost friends that will never be lost again.  Jennifer and I have known each other, along with Maya, since we were in the 7th grade.  After school we went our separate ways and were only recently connected by Facebook within the last year.  I now know why God has brought us back together.  Jennifer and I picked up right where we left off.  It's like 15 years never passed.  She is truly such a blessing in my life.  She is such an amazing mom to Ashley and she was so amazing to Penelope.  Penelope is officially in love with Jennifer.  I think the most amazing part of this union was watching Penelope and Ashley become instant friends.  There was something so incredibly awesome about watching them play.  I think it's because Jen and I knew each other as children and now we get to watch our children become friends.  Loved it! <3  I loved walking the track with her and having our conversation about girl stuff and what we hoped to help accomplish with The Ronan Thompson Foundation over the years. 

Jacob Beard - another long lost friend from school.  I've also known Jacob since I was 12.  There is this inherent trust issue when you see a person you grew up with but haven't seen in a long time.  Reconnecting with Jacob was awesome and I can't wait to put together our Washington Refugee Happy Hours in the future and keep this guy in my loop! 

David Honga - yes another lost friend from school.  David and I didn't really know each other to well, but his sister was in my grade.  David is one of the most genuinely nice and caring people I've met in a long time.  He graciously baked an enormous amount of his mother's famous and delicious sweet bread for us to sell at the relay.  He is in the process of growing his hair out for Locks of Love; something that he does regularly for this charity.  When we were talking he told me how his father recently passed away, and that his Dad was the most caring and giving person he had ever met and that by doing charitable work that is the only way he can make sure his father's spirit lives on.

The Roller Family - Jennifer, Billy & Justin.  I worked with Jennifer for a few years and became instant friends.  She recently lost her mom to cancer and felt compelled to not only support that cause but Ronan's as well.  It was such a great night and I was glad to be by her side when she found her mom's luminaria. 

All day long I would get that rush of adrenaline every time I thought about giving my speech.  Throughout my life I've gone through bouts of stuttering and so I was petrified that I would wind up stuttering because it's usually brought on during times of high stress or extreme nerves.  I prayed to God all day long for Him to just give me the strength to get through it.  I wanted to find that strength for Maya and for Ronan.  I wanted everyone there to know his story, remember it, and pass it along.  Childhood cancer does not get nearly enough attention and if I can have a tiny part in changing that, then all I wanted was the strength to get up on that stage and speak...with clarity...with confidence...with my heart.  I won't lie.  I was sweating BULLETS before they introduced me and I made my entire team stand up there with me.  Even Penelope and Ashley were up there holding huge pictures of Ronan.  But, I have to say, the moment I walked up there, I let it go.  "It" being my fear, my lack of self-confidence, my own issues that plague a lot of what I do, and I freakin rocked that speech.  I'm not being conceited...I promise...but I truly believe God gave me the strength to rock that speech.  It was awesome and when I was done, I knew that I could truly accomplish anything if I just trust in God and let it go...whatever "it" may be at the time.

At times the relay was tough...feet hurt, butt hurt, luminaria ceremony and silent lap was tough, tired, but it was so worth it.  I'm glad we did it and I can't wait to pour my heart and soul into the foundation. 

I think the best parts of the night were strangers coming up to me and telling me they have been following the blog!  How awesome is that! 

Again THANK YOU to everyone for all of your help, support and donations!  This could not have been accomplished without all of you.

All my love to RonanBaby and Mamamaya. 


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Jennifer said...

success & love :) it was awesome!