Friday Focus: Kat Von D!

I love Kat Von D

I liked her when she first made her appearance on Miami Ink, and I love watching her show LA Ink.

I think she is beautiful!  Tattoos and all.

Confession:  If I had never gotten married, I would totally have lots of tattoos, super funky hair, and extreme make-up.  I think that's my alter-ego talking! 

Last night, my sister-in-law Norma and I went to her book signing at Barnes & Noble at Desert Ridge.  We were numbers 287 & 288 out of 1000.  It only took about an hour to get to us.  I was nervous to actually meet her...what would I say?  Well, she was so sweet, humble, and so sincerely thankful for all of her fans. She was blown away that so many people showed up.  She thanked us profusely for waiting in line and for buying her book.  She was super tall, I'm sure her SUPER HIGH HEELS had nothing to do with it ;).  She smelled really good and she was so waif-ishly thin that I thought I would break her when we were taking our pictures! 

Kat Von D & Me!!
Kat Von D  & Norma!!
Rooftop and Jeffree Star were there too, and they graciously signed our books and took pictures with us. 

FAIL!  Eyes closed :(
Norma with Jeffree Star and Rooftop!
Her book, The Tattoo Chronicles, is an amazing piece of artwork.  It's her diary with sketches and photos.  They layout is simply amazing with all types of different fonts.  The cover is super thick with letterpress work...so awesome!  

Kat Von D has two perfumes out called Sinner and Saint.  She did a photo shoot promoting both scents, and they airbrushed all of her tattoos off and did subtle make-up and she is so pretty that way too! 


Her tattoos are amazing!
So, I'm off to go get sleeves done.  Just kidding!  

Maybe not ;)

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