53 Days...

I have 53 days to realize a really big dream that I've only really talked to my husband about, and maybe to my mom in passing. 

I realized yesterday that I can talk a really good game, but don't put things into action.  Yesterday, I gave myself a time limit.  I told people about it.  I'm blogging about it.  I don't want egg on my face.  I want to succeed.  So what better way then by putting it out there?  Keeping me accountable, ya know.

So at 12:00 AM on 1/1/11, I will open Chaps Buffalino Urban Textiles on Etsy.  What better day to start a new chapter of our lives then on 1/1/11?  Love it! 

What exactly is Chaps Buffalino, you ask?  Well, it really is only a name that has any significance to just my husband and I, but at the same time, it's the only name that fits for this venture.  My hubby and I are kinda nerdy, and we find humor in some really dumb stuff.  One day we were talking about chaps, and I said chaps with a "ch" sound, and he said that it was pronounced with an "sh" sound, well it struck me as super funny and then he was laughing and somehow "buffalino" got in there, and in between all of that Chaps Buffalino was our running joke of a nickname for each other.  See, I told you it wouldn't really mean that much to anyone except us, but that is exactly why it's perfect.  From then on, we've had many funny moments, and I always said, "Someday I'm going to open up a tee-shirt business with that saying on it, and I'm going to call it Chaps Buffalino!"  Well "someday" is here, and I'm not looking back.  I chose Urban Textiles to go with it because I don't want to be boxed in by just tee-shirts.  In fact, I'm not even starting with those.  Chaps Buffalino Urban Textiles is part comical, part kitschy, part cute, part cool, party nerdy, part baby...everything that is us.  We will be doing screenprinted items like tea towels, napkins, canvas bags, prints, and a lot of other stuff as we grow.  Starting out, I'll likely just offer a few things and then keep on going.  I am beyond excited!  And I'm even more excited to be sharing it with all of you.  I'm going to add a tab at the tops for Chaps Buffalino, and maybe down the road, it will have its own blog. 

I have to tell you, the process of screenprinting is so creatively fulfilling to me that I can't even fully explain it.  I don't know how to effectively get all my jumbled thoughts out to get the point across of how happy it makes me.  The entire process.  All the artwork printed is original works of mine, either things I've drawn or taken photographs of.  Now, before you think I'm some artist, I don't really consider myself one.  I am a doodler, that if given enough time, and enough inspiration, can produce something that I like. But it takes work, and lots of paper and erasers!  But then going from that to burning a screen with that image, and then getting messy with the ink, and then having a final piece encompassing all the steps and processes...it's mind-blowing!!  I'm kinda unconventional (limited computer use) in my process, and it's probably more work in the long run, but I love it.  Each and every step is mine...from the first spark of an idea, to the many rough drafts, to the final image, to the final product...it is so completely rewarding.

So, please check back often during the next 53 days!  On 1/1/11 starting at 12:00 AM, we will be ringing in the new year with a blog party, complete with prizes!

Peace out!


cb said...

oh i can't WAIT to see what your designs!! congrats! there is no better time then the present! go for it!!!


Samara Link said...

HOW EXCITING. That's awesome! Congratulations on moving from idea to action. I can't wait to see it and find out what this is all about. Good for you!!

Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you!!! I can't wait! I will be your biggest, loudest, virtual (what did you call it???) "cheerleader"! ;)