Red Cup

Yes!  I accomplished all things on my "to do" list last night!  One small detail, I moved #1 from the list to tonight's list because I forgot about a few school things I had to do with my daughter..and the kidlets come first.  But, I did manage to do a few other things that were not on my list, in addition to the ones that were.  It feels pretty good to accomplish things, especially when you have a clear cut plan laid out.  Plus, I'm a total dweeb and love crossing things off my list!


P.S. - Can you also tell I love inserting hearts into my posts, now that I figured it out?  Dweeb!!  If you want hearts too, just insert this code ♥ into the HTML section of your blog wherever you want the little cuties to appear!

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Samara Link said...

You accomplished a lot then! It does feel so good to have a plan and knock it out of the park. It's amazing what happens when your to do list has to do with things you're excited about. Thanks for the tip on the hearts. I've always wondered how to do that!