I've stumbled onto another time suck called Pinterest.  Love it.  You can "pin" things that interest you from all over the Internet.   You can make your own boards, pin your own things, repin things other people have pinned.  So, I think I'll start a feature called Pin Pin on this little space of mine for you to see my pins.  Start an account and we can pin together! 

Happy Pinning!


P.S. Here is an easier code for the hearts: ♥

click to enlarge

1.  Great present for the important dude in your life - Orange Fuzz on Etsy
2.  Tile Cookies (too pretty to eat!!) - by whippedbakeshop on Etsy
3.  Bloom Vinyl Tape (I would use this on everything!) by joannarutter on Etsy
4.  Pink Shingles (yes, please!) - originally blogged by Bleubird Vintage - first pinned by Genevieve Beaulieu
5.  Vintage Pyrex Collection (totally collect vintage pyrex...love it!!) by Pyrex Collective


Rachel said...

I can't believe those Tile cookies. When are you going to make some

Samara Link said...

Thank you for teaching me how to make hearts ... and for the even easier to remember way to make them listed here. Love it!