This Picture

This picture…

Makes me happy.

Makes me catch my breath.

Makes my heart swell in my chest…forms a lump in my throat as I realize time passes so quickly.

Makes me realize that being her mother makes me the luckiest person in the world.

She is sweet.

This was taken in November 2008. I was 7 ½ moths pregnant with The Boy. It was Thanksgiving and we we’re spending the holiday with our best friends in San Diego.

She loves the beach, like I do. The first time she ever went, she was in awe and ran towards the ocean with reckless abandon. I was proud and knew that part in her was 100% me. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest was an amazing experience. One that I took for granted during the the copious amounts of rain, but when I stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can smell it and it makes me feel good. It renews my soul and lifts my spirits. Crazy? Maybe…if you didn’t grow up near water, near countless lakes and rivers, near the ocean…in the rain.

My childhood memories of sand, seashells, rain, and tide pools flood my heart when I look at this picture. I love how even though you can’t see her face, you can tell she is smiling, laughing, loving the ocean as much as I do. I love the flow of her pigtails in the salty air. Her and I could spend an eternity on the beach…just walking in the frothy shore, picking up every fragment of a shell, chasing each other with seaweed, digging in the sand. I love how she “gets” it…like she inherited my love of the ocean. I don’t think you can inherit things like that, but when I look at this picture, I can’t help thinking that maybe you can.

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Samara Link said...

This is beautiful, Olivia.