Logos? Check. One Step Closer? Check.

I am so giddy with excitement right now!!!

My dear friend Melissa is a graphic designer in California, and she has created the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. logos for Chaps Buffalino!  She made a ton of samples, and I narrowed it down to two...but I couldn't decide!  So, I have two.  One is kinda more official than the other, but both are RAD!  And, she was just "playing around" and designed my Etsy banner for me too!!  So happy, excited, and THANKFUL!

This brings me one step closer to my goal!

Without further ado...let me introduce my Buffalinos!!

This first logo is the "official" one...the one to be used on the website/blog, business cards, correspondence, etc.  It so AWESOME!  I'm going to get this buffalo tattooed on me!!

OMG.  Are you in love yet?  I am!  Isn't he so adorable?  I love him!  I plan to use this for my packaging, stickers, stamp, etc.  Can you just imagine tags cut out in the shape of this buffalo? omgomgomgomg...I am so excited!

Thanks for stopping by!

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