Head is Swirling...

Wow.  I have 28 days until my launch.  And.  I still have A LOT to do.  But in typical fashion, I proscratinate a bit, and then throw down and get crazy busy and productive as the deadline is looming.  It's probably not the best way to work, but for some wierd reason, it really gets the creativity pumping.  I remember in college I would literally be up at midnight writing a paper due the next morning.  I always ended up getting really good grades on my procrastinated work, and ironically enough, the few times I got my stuff done early, my grades were still good, but not great.  Go figure.  This only fueled my proscratination.  But now, I'm not looking at it as a flaw, but rather, a strength.  Even if it only applies to moi.

Since we last spoke, I've gotten a lot accomplished:
  • New DBA filed
  • Updated all business filings for LLC
  • In the process of reclaiming a few screens
  • Got a smokin' deal on my silkscreen mesh to make my own screens.  I bought a whole role for $50 less than the marked price.  Come to find out it was mistake on the store's part and the clerk told me the mesh NEVER goes on sale, but she had to sell it to me anyway because that was the marked price.  Score!  And, yes, I do believe I will take that as one my so-loved signs. 
  • Settled on my basecloth for my towels and napkins.  It's a 100% cotton, natural cloth.  It kinda looks like linen as it has "rough" look to it.  But it doesn't have the linen price tage.  I know a lot of people rave about linen towels, but I'm not a huge fan.  At least not yet.  I do plan to offer a few linen pieces in the future, but for now...it's all about utility.
  • Sourced the vendors/suppliers for my custom twill tape tags
  • Decided on my packaging.  It's very simple, yet cool.  Think kraft & newsprint. 
  • Have my first collection ready for launch on 1/1/11.  I've entitled it Sea of Love.  It's my homage to the beach and how I grew up. 
  • I have a ton more designs ready to go, just need to think of an organized format on how I want to introduce new items to the shop:  weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? 
I still need to:
  • Cut my tea towels and napkins to the correct dimensions so they are ready for printing.
  • Configure some sort of drying rack.  Up until this point, my printing has been very small runs, so I have not needed anything special for drying.  Thinking maybe just a clothesline hung up in the garage.  This is so very Mom-n-Pop, I but I think that will be part of the appeal.
  • Get my business cards printed.
  • Scout out upcoming local craft fairs for 2011 and start the registration/jury process if applicable.
  • Nail down a mapped out blogging schedule.  It has to be more than my sporadic posts, yet something that is doable between everything else that is going on...namely the two halves of my heart pulling on my pant legs wanting dinner. ;)
  • Just get more organized in general.
Oh yeah, and on top of all this, I'm also co-planning a huge family Christmas party on December 11th, and starting to plan my Junior Mint's 2nd B-day Party for January...it's a carnival theme and it is going to be so cute! 

At this point, I think I'll rule out sleep.  As my husband says, you can sleep when you're dead! 


Jennifer said...

wow! WOW! I am impressed & I can't wait to see everything! I am so proud of you <3


Samara Link said...

What a ton you've managed to accomplish toward your goal and new venture. That is so exciting. It's amazing how you can find energy from thin air when it's for something you're passionate and driven towards. :) That's when you know you're following your bliss. I can't wait to see the details when you launch!