Bullet Points

Another installment of Bullet Points.  Happy Tuesday!
  • nothing can stop me now
  • feeling accomplished
  • new-found confidence is awesome
  • you are a liar and i caught you
  • my hubby is the best
  • the office squirrel is back and he is F.A.T. He brightens my day
  • sad that a good friend is moving away
  • happy too - she needs to go
  • cancer sucks
  • childhood cancer sucks the most
  • wish i could freeze time
  • 34 is going to be a good number
  • finally realizing where and when to cut the bullshit
  • my nana was wrong.  you can't always "kill'em with kindness"
  • getting all our shit in order
  • not dwelling on crap feels good
  • craving healthy food..taking that as a major sign
  • feeling postive
  • happy tuesday!


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